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No matter if your a man or a woman, high blood pressure, cholesterol,

diabetes and your family history are all risk factors for a heart attack.

Our Coronary CTA is a non-invasive exam for the heart that gets

results in just 5 heart beats! The images collected during the

exam are performed on our 64 Slice CT scanner and are

used to identify the coronary arteries. These exams evaluate

for hard plaque, soft or vulnerable plaque which provide

physicians with “heart saving” insight before a heart attack

affects your life.

Patients should discuss risk factors with their physician

since a prescription is necessary for a Coronary CTA

and Calcium Scoring exam. To learn more, or schedule

these potentially life saving exams, please call


Our Coronary CTA and Calcium

Scoring Exams Save Lives.

Freehold Radiology Group

Freehold MR Associates

Donna O’Donnell Medical Arts Building

901 West Main Street

Freehold, New Jersey 07728

Northpoint Professional Building

176 Route 9 North

Marlboro, New Jersey 07726
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