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The Achilles tendon (the largest tendon in the body) connects the calf muscles to

the heel bone; its function is critical for walking, running, and jumping. Thus, it is

understandable why Achilles tendon tears are so common among athletes, eight

percent of whom will likely experience an acute rupture during their lifetimes.

Achilles injuries also occur somewhat less frequently among the elderly and

sedentary, as well as individuals who have gained significant amounts of weight or

started an exercise regimen in middle age. In addition, Achilles tendon ruptures are

associated with autoimmune disease, plantar fasciitis, obesity, the use of certain

antibiotics, smoking, and localized steroid injections. Surgery is usually reserved for

acute tears experienced by young or very active patients.

If you have a sports related injury, we will quickly determine the cause and give

you the most appropriate treatment options available. We will get you back to work

and play as quickly as possible. Make an appointment with our office (732-264-5454)

today. We are on staff at Bayshore Community Hospital, Riverview Medical

Center and Raritan Bay Medical Center. To serve you better, we have two

locations: 733 N. Beers St., Suite L3, in Holmdel, and 53 Main St. in Sayreville.

P.S. Individuals experiencing acute Achilles tendon tears often report hearing a

popping sound at the time of injury.
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