2010-11-01 / Hospital Updates

Terra Bella Distinctive Memory Care Homes opening in South River

Terra Bella Distinctive Memory Care Homes, specializing in care for those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, will be opening its first home in South River on Dec. 1.

Terra Bella offers 16 private bedrooms in a small, intimate setting with comfort and warmth that feels like home. Terra Bella offers only private rooms where residents can surround themselves with pictures and other items of personal value to create a warm and welcoming space that feels just as comfortable as home. A “person-centered” approach ensures each resident receives the most individualized care possible — care that truly addresses their changing needs and well-being. Holistic care plans are developed keeping in mind the “whole” person, utilizing knowledge from the individual’s complete life history, and extend beyond just a plan for health care.

Care team members draw on each of the residents’ unique life experiences to develop a true understanding of their needs in order to offer them the best quality of care and quality of life possible. At Terra Bella, resident-to-care team member ratios are 6:1, ensuring consistent care and meaningful relationships. While Terra Bella’s care team provides top-level quality care and comprehensive assistance with activities of daily life, they do not take only a “medical” approach to residents’ lives. The home is a place where life is lived to the fullest, and includes excellent clinical care, but it is not a traditional facility where health care is mainly the focus of life.

Every activity in the home, from planned group activities to mealtimes, is developed keeping in mind the personal histories and preferences of each individual resident. Daily activities, led by a full-time activities director, offer opportunities for vital social interaction. Activities are focused on the abilities of individual residents, not on their inabilities. In this way, self-esteem and independence are maximized within a nurturing community. The lifestyle at Terra Bella provides constant companionship and a social environment that serves to significantly reduce isolation. This community setting cannot be substituted or reproduced through in-home care; at Terra Bella new friendships are made continually.

Through the use of discreet security systems and a secured fenced yard, Terra Bella is able to provide a state-of-the-art safety environment that enables residents to wander freely throughout the property. This means there are no parts of the home, indoors or out, that are off limits to residents. The design of the home itself, with its many outdoor spaces, encourages freedom of movement for residents and provides many places where residents, their families and care team members can connect with nature and enjoy solitude. There are patios, an interior open-aired courtyard, a screened-in porch, beautifully landscaped grounds with a continuous-loop walking trail, and even a greenhouse.

Mealtimes at the home are a vital source of enjoyment, culture and community. Homemade meals are offered three times daily using a menu that residents and their families help plan keeping in mind the personal preferences of each individual. All meals are prepared in the house using fresh and local ingredients and the meal experience is enhanced through the use of music, linens and table decor. A preventive-focused nutrition plan for each individual resident ensures proper nutrition and hydration.

Terra Bella also offers many unique complementary therapies, such as pet therapy, aromatherapy and horticultural therapy (year-round in the greenhouse). For convenience to residents and families, a variety of services brought into the home give each of the residents the opportunity to remain in the comfort and safety of their home while receiving individualized care for all their needs. Services offered range from traveling physicians that bring medical, dental, neurological and psychiatric services to the home, to ancillary services such as podiatry, and occupational, physical and speech therapy. There is even a styling salon on the premises and arrangements can be made for hairdressers and barbers.

Call Terra Bella at 732-390-HOME (4663) if you have a loved one in need of these services. Visit www.terrabellamc.com or stop by for a visit.

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